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Youth Children Seat Infant under 2. Lap Infant under 2. The price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers, including any infants. Compare vs. Flight 1. Flight 2. Flight 3. Flight 4. The World Piece 61 strangers offer their bodies as a canvas to send a message to the world: that there's more uniting us than dividing us.

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Helsinki HEL. Edit search form Go to flights results section. Price Alert. Skip Stops filter Stops. Direct Max 1 stop Any. Skip Weekends filter Weekends. Skip Trip Length filter Trip Length. Skip Nights at destination filter Nights at destination. Skip Times Times filter Times Times. Another hour on the phone to get to a 3rd flight arranged. I arrived early and saw everyone sitting around, went to the counter to be told this flight was now delayed. So I was Lied to. Waited hours as they moved the departure time 4 times!

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Went through an agonizing security search. Took an hour in a freezing plane to get to Pittsburgh. Missed my flight OF Course and had to pay money for a ticket change and go stand by, barely getting on a connecting flight. I call it the Travel Day From Hell!!! Cons: I had this airline booked several times 4 flights to be exact and every. In the first instance, the second leg was moved three hours ahead, causing the second leg to depart before the first one, so I had to cancel it. In the second, the first leg was moved three hours before the initial departure time, and I had to cancel it due to scheduling issues.

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The third time I tried to take this airline, the first leg was cancelled completely and in turn my return flight was also cancelled. Had I not booked all four of these flights at once months in advance, I wouldn't have booked it again after the first instance. I will never attempt to fly this airline again.

They have a lot of work to do to gain the trust of their passengers and they are not doing it right by any means in my opinion. Cons: Return flight home was cancelled and not communicated. Poor customer service to find out about a refund. Never flying with southern again. Pros: Not being a person that likes flying this was the coolest experience I ever had. All I had on my mined was to get to Pittsburgh to see my daughter. Didn't know what to expect when I got to Lancaster but it was really easy. I'm going to do it again. Hour and a half plan ride is better then 15 hour drive. Cons: Really can't think of anything.

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I should up 2 hours early to figure out what I need to do and everyone from southern airlines and the TSA took care of everything. Cons: Too much advertisement!!!! When trying to enjoy the onboard entertainment it was once ahead too much advertising.

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Cons: The plane was Dirty and both frontier flights were delayed! Cons: Slow baggage check. And a far too long credit card advertisement coming through speakers so loud my ears were ringing. Never using Frontier again. Cons: Landing crew in Boston was rude, bossy, and repetitively sciolding, just because I touched the door of the plane.

No instructions nor to or warnings were posted, but he kept harassing me and the other passengers. Pros: Hate crew diligently kept me informed of my bag connecting from my 45 minute late "on time" united flight. But because I booked through ya'll I was totally screwed. The individual Airlines are not permitted to rebook my ticket because you are a third party carrier. So InterCaribbean and Cape Air came to the rescue and after a hour ordeal and having to travel to Mayaguez airport I am now rebooked. Cons: Y'all and will never ever ever book through a third party again.

Cons: I never even ended up on the plane. The departure time came and went with no communication from the desk agents I was sitting 10 feet away from.

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No communication about the flight being delayed was given until I asked. It was 3 hours later when they unceremoniously cancelled the flight.

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And because it was weather-related I didn't receive any of my money back. Worst travel day ever. Pros: Exactly what I needed, decently priced flight to save hours of drive-time and minimal headache. Yep - smaller plane, smaller airport but anyone not knowing that will be shocked by many other facts in life. Friendly staffers on sire as well as in the cockpit. Well pleased! Pros: I just loved Southern. It was so easy. I avoided the hassle of the main airport, the parking problems and the waiting in line. Everyone was so friendly. I will definitely fly Southern again!

Cons: The flight was delayed 4 times. I understand that it is an affordable airline but I will just go back to paying more for quality from the chairs to the flight attendant service. It was overall an uncomfortable trip. Cons: Announcements were weirds with lots of uhms. Cons: budget airline with terrible service.