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Like Verizon Media, our partners may also show you ads that they think match your interests. Learn more about how Verizon Media collects and uses data and how our partners collect and use data. Select 'OK' to allow Verizon Media and our partners to use your data, or 'Manage options' to review our partners and your choices.

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You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre. A: No, Freebies does not ask for credit card information. If you are being asked for any financial information, you may have been redirected to a third-party website. We ask our members to please report any fradulent offers to our team at contact freebies.

My Cash Freebies Reviews – Legit or Scam?

A: Freebies. You only have to confirm and set up your account information when you register so we can mail you your freebies and prizes. A: Some of the free samples and contests on our site are offered in partnership with other companies, in which case you will be asked if you wish to share your information with them for promotions and other communications. See our Privacy details for more about how we protect your information.

The only phone call you might recieve from our team is if you are unresponsive via email and social media and have won a prize. Some offers are from third-party companies that may ask for your phone number, so please pay attention to the requirements of any free sample.

Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

A: Due to contesting legislation that came into place in , we can no longer offer contests and free samples to members outside of Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom. We invite those members outside of these three countries to continue taking advantage of our printable freebies, coupons, and savings advice. Email Address. Search for: Search. Welcome to the new Freebies. Take the site tour so you know how it all works: Setting up your Freebies account How to get free samples How to get free coupons How to find and enter contests What are Exclusive Giveaways?

What are ballots? How do I use ballots? Setting up your Freebies account Sign up for your free membership you can do it right here. Confirm your email you'll get a bonus of 5 ballots! Login to your new account and head to "Account Info" under your "My Account" tab and update your information with your full name and mailing address.

Does My Cash Freebies Work? - Read This BEFORE Joining!

This is VERY important! We cannot send you free samples or prizes if you do not give us your address. Start collecting freebies!

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Our team sources free samples from trusted brands AND we now have our very own Freebies. You can see today's free samples here. How to get free samples Login and head to our Freebies Exclusive Giveaways. These free samples come straight from us at Freebies! So you should expect it on your doorstep within 4 - 6 weeks. Our free samples are while quantities last , so visit the site daily to enter for more freebies. How to get free coupons Login and head to the coupons page Browse the free coupons and click on the one's you want to learn the details.

Follow the instructions to claim the coupon discount coupons can be printable, digital, or sent in the mail.

The Process of Making Money

How to find and enter contests Login and head to the contests page. Browse the different contests and click on them to see how to win. Enter any an all of the contests you'd love to win! What are Exclusive Giveaways? The Network's Services The Network allow customers to earn free gifts by completing advertiser-sponsored offers, and then referring a certain number of people to the sites who must also complete advertiser's offers to reach that site's offer requirements. There is no cost to create an account on The Networks.

Breach of these Terms of Service will result in account closure and all user credits on all of The Network's web sites will be forfeited. Users with closed accounts are forbidden from creating a new account on ANY of The Network's web sites.

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  • Users are responsible for securing their Network account information. Accounts found or reported to be compromised will be immediately locked and all credits will be forfeited. The Network is not responsible for losses incurred due to compromised accounts. Advertisers either will not or cannot delivery to them, and we cannot verify them as your legitimate residence.

    This is vital to get your account verified when you have reached your offer requirements on The Network. We do NOT allow business addresses, since our advertisers are interested strictly in residential markets. Business addresses will be placed on hold until resolved. Do NOT use false information.

    Users must create their own account. Users are not allowed, under any circumstances, to register or participate on behalf of anyone other than themselves. Do not sign up or log in from other computers that are not from your own IP address, as this will result in a hold on both your account and any other members having that same IP addresses. This includes a work place, a friends house, library, school, etc If you leave your home for vacation, etc Do NOT complete offers until you return to your home address and IP address that are in the same area.

    If you complete offers with a physical address in New York from an IP address in California, the affiliates will revoke your credit since the physical address and IP address do not match. Our advertisers require that you use your true and correct internet connection. When a false IP address is detected, your credits will be revoked and your account placed on permanent hold.

    If your account appears out of sorts for ANY reason, it will be placed on hold and a copy of your license and a parcel WILL be requested from you to get it lifted. Do NOT panic! This doesn't mean you did anything wrong, just that we don't have enough information to approve your account.

    As stated above, you may cover your ID number, account numbers, or any other sensitive information. No matter what sites you see it on, do not complete an offer more than once ever, as it is considered offer fraud and you will be placed on hold and left there if you commit this act. DO NOT contact the advertiser about non-crediting issues.

    Customer Service Representatives for these companies do not have record of "offer completion crediting" and have no power to give you credit. Offers such as these come from an advertiser's marketing department.

    My Cash Freebies | $60+ Per Referral With Freebie Network Sites

    There is very little chance that a customer service rep would even know what you are referring to if you ask them "Why did my offer not credit? This needs to be handled through US, and through the affiliate marketplace where we get our offers from. If you complete the offer over the phone, you will not get credit for it. The offer MUST be completed using the online form, since it goes through the affiliate link which tracks and posts back your credit.

    Even if you have the confirmation email, were charged successfully, and have already received the product, there is NO guarantee of credit. Do NOT use 2 different emails when signing up on a second or more network site! You must use the SAME email address to sign up on all the sites. You will "extend" your account to all of the additional sites you wish to use on our networks. Don't use "" or "qwerty" as your password, those are common passwords that "scammers" tend to use, and is normally an indication of fraudulent activity!

    If you use them, we will put you on hold and request a copy of your license and a parcel to make sure you are not a scammer, and you will have to change your password to a secure password. Do NOT use prepaid or giftcards of any kind. Security-based credit cards that are self-generated with a limit are considered as Pre-Paid, non-rebillable cards.

    All users will be requested to confirm their phone number using the Telephone Verification system that is in place upon registration to our site. Please use a land line or contract based cell phone. Breach of these terms will result in account closure and all credits on all of The Network web sites will be forfeited. If they are marked as "No MCR", this means that the affiliate does not accept them, so please do not submit them for offers marked "No MCR", as they will just be deleted. MCR's for all other offers can be submitted to us using the "Missing Credit Request Form" link in your account on the support page.

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    • My Cash Freebies Reviews-Scam or Legit?.
    • MCR's can take up to 30 days to get completely processed by the affiliate and advertiser, but are usually processed and granted within just a couple of days. Each user must complete his or her own offer requirements.